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Mr. V Venktramana (Rama Venkta)

Managing Director

Rama Venkta is responsible for all joint aspects of project implementation on the Singapore side of the Kuala Lumpur – Singapore High Speed Rail alignment – from planning, design, construction, and eventually into testing and commissioning of the High Speed Rail system.

Prior to the formation of SG HSR, Rama was the Project Director of the HSR Group in LTA, having overseen numerous MRT projects. He had been transferred from the Rail Projects Group to the Safety & Contracts Group in April 2014 to become Director (Cost Control) for LTA.

Before joining LTA in 1994 (then MRTC), he specialised in deep foundation work with Bauer Engineers & Contractors and joined the client, LTA, to oversee and manage large scale rail infrastructure projects.

In his 22 years with LTA, Rama has had hands-on project management experience in large-scale civil engineering works for both above-ground and underground Rapid Transit Systems, including the Woodlands MRT Line (1996), Bukit Panjang LRT System (1999), Station Upgrade Project (2004), Circle Line MRT Stage 5 (2011) and the recently completed Downtown Line 3 (2016).

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Mr Chin Chee-Kiat

Deputy Managing Director

Chee Kiat oversees the commercial aspects of the Kuala Lumpur – Singapore High Speed Rail project, as well as the corporate cluster of SG HSR.

Prior to the formation of SG HSR, Chee Kiat held concurrent roles in the Policy & Planning Group and HSR Group in LTA. Before joining LTA, he was Director of the Healthcare Finance Division at the Ministry of Health, where he oversaw patient financing policies.

Between 2010 and 2014, Chee Kiat was a Director at the Ministry of Finance, where he was involved in strategic finance and planning for economic programmes and key infrastructure projects in Singapore, including MRT lines, the expansion of Changi Airport and LNG terminal. In his 15 years in the public sector, he has also worked in various roles in the Corporate Finance Division of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the Personnel Division of Ministry of Education and the Work Pass Division of the Ministry of Manpower.

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